A Customized Training Syllabus

ATM maximizes the value of each training event with our proprietary syllabus process. We tailor the agenda to suit your interests, background, experience level and specific requirements, rather than simply put you through an insurance checklist designed to meet minimum standards.

ATM's syllabus is designed to address the aircraft systems, limitations, operational considerations and principles derived from the Airmanship Education Research Initiative. Your background and experience is heavily considered. At ATM we believe that sound systems knowledge, backed by knowledge of pertinent FAR's, Instrument Practical Test Standards, and realistic self-analysis should be the foundation of any airmanship skill set.

We make a professional assessment regarding the student's experience and your preference for the training, not rehashing the information you already know. Not only does a quality pilot need to know his aircraft, he needs to know how to operate it in today's complex National Airspace system, as well as master operational principles that enable identification of the hazards, selecting appropriate action in conjunction with the physical skills to ensure a positive outcome.

For the initial course you should plan on 1–2 days of school, depending on the model of aircraft and your core experience. The flight portion of the training will take normally 1–2 days time to accomplish all required items and ensure competent handling of the specific aircraft. A recurrent training course typically entails 1 day school and 1 day of flight training.

The flight training portion of the instruction is accomplished using FAR 61.57 and the Instrument Rating Practical Test Standards. The specifics for core competencies are listed on the Rating Table in the PTS. It is the desire of ATM to ensure our customers can execute the required IPC PTS tasks to the level of certificate held while developing sound Airmanship judgment to enable safe operations of their valued asset at all times.

If you need further information regarding syllabus specifics, take a look at our specific Training Programs. We assume that every one of our student pilots takes pride in being the best, so we listen to our clients and attempt to challenge each one to become better every session.