Best-in-class Operational Training

Insurance Approved

ATM’s reputation within the insurance industry speaks for itself.

We know most of the brokers that specialize in your make and model - and most of the experts know us. If your agent does not recognize our name, they might not be familiar with your aircraft.

If your insurance broker does not immediately recognize ATM, we can provide the name and phone number of the insurance company executive or underwriter that is responsible for your policy.

We have been providing quality training to thousands of pilots in a wide variety of aircraft, with quality results, for nearly twenty years. This track record has established ATM as the premier in-aircraft educator. We are respected by the aviation insurance industry for the quality results our pilots achieve.

ATM’s participation in the Airmanship Education Research Initiative is a significant benefit to you, our valued customer. “AERI’s multi-year research goal is aimed at studying the human causal factors associated with mishaps. The findings are expected to bring about significant improvement in the pilot-induced accident rate by introducing a new, empirically grounded approach to teaching airmanship based on precepts from the field of professional ethics.” AERI is on the cutting edge of aviation education, bringing the latest results of innovation in pilot training. This purpose of their research is to develop techniques to improve your skill sets to help you realize the importance of sound operating principals and practices.

You don’t just get the typical aircraft systems and FAR review when you train with us. You get sound knowledge on how to operate your aircraft more competently. Using the findings from AERI’s research, in conjunction with the education imparted from this process by our “AERI qualified” instructors, we believe we can assist in reducing accident rates and reduce your insurance premiums with.