Recurrent Training Syllabus

This is a sample syllabus each individual's requirements will vary. ATM's baseline syllabus is established as a starting point. Each individual's requirements will dictate modifications to the baseline syllabus.

Aircraft General 1 Hour
General Description
Airframe and Engines
Engines 1 Hour
Engine Description Overview
Engine Controls
Engine Instruments
Starting Procedures and Limitations
Engine Operating Margins)
Ignition System
Air Induction System
Engine Fuel System
Engine Oil System
Fire Detection & Extinguishing System
Propellers 1 Hours
Propellers and Synchronizers
Primary Propeller Governors
Propeller Over speed Governor
Fuel Topping Governor
Propellers Auto Feathering System
First Flight of the Day System Checks
Preflight & Normal Procedures 1.5 Hours
Before Starting Engines
Starting Engines
Before Taxiing
Engine Run-up and Systems Testing
Before Takeoff
Line-up and Takeoff
After Takeoff
Climb Power Set Limitations
Cruise Power Set
Descent Checklist
Before Landing Checklist
After Landing
Shutdown Checklist
Landing Gear & Brakes 0.5 Hours
Landing Gear Hydraulic or Electrical System
Brake System
Fuel System 1 Hours
Indicating System
Electrical System 1 Hours
Starter / Generators
Normal Operations
Emergency Operations
External Power Procedures
Monitoring System
Avionics Emergency Busses
Environmental Systems 1 Hour
Air Distribution, Heating & Ventilation Systems
Pressurization System
Emergency Procedures 1 Hour
Loss of Power Procedures
Electrical System Malfunctions
Fuel System Control and Crossfeed Procedures
Avionics Bus Failure
Flight Instrument Failure and Procedure
Landing Gear System Failure
Pressurization System Emergency Procedures
Split Flap Systems and Checks
Spins Prevention Discussion
Alternate Static System Operations and Procedures
Flight Controls 1 Hour
Aileron Trim
Elevator and Elevator Trim (Emergency)
Rudder and Rudder Trim
Flap System and Limitations
Nosewheel Steering
Stall Warning System
Flight Instruments 1 Hour
Pitot / Static System
Vacuum / Pressure System
Engine Instruments
Anti-Ice/Deice Systems 1 Hour
Icing conditions forcasts / Airmets Sigmets
Weight & Balance / Performance 1 Hours
Weight & Balance
Autopilot/EFIS/GPS 1 Hour
FAR Review 1 Hours
Review of Part 91 and Part 61
Review of Instrument Practical Test Standards
Airmanship Development / Mishap Review 1 Hours
Review of model pertinant mishap lessons learned
Review of self assessment
Review of ethics standard model
Decision processes